First schoolday is a (flower) holiday in some countries
26 augustus 2016 

First schoolday is a (flower) holiday in some countries

First schoolday is really a holiday in many countries. Children go to school but everywhere is a feeling of a big holiday.It is very cute to see small children with flowers, sometimes almost bigger than they themselves. The see of flowers.

The first schoolday in Russia is always 1 of September. So, we had extreamly busy this week to provide all our customers with flowers. We buy, prepare and export flowers all over the world for so many years every day but still every time holiday shipments are something special. Not because we have much more work to do but mostly because of the feeling that we make so many people happy.

I love flowers and with every truck full of flowers leaving our loads I feel some kind of inner satisfaction. Depending on the holiday I see a  picture of people buying our flowers in shops and becoming happier.

We did not have time to make a lot of foto’s this week but sometimes when you see such a beauty, you just can not stand from grabbing your phone and make a couple of pictures.

I hope you enjoy them. Let us know what you would like to know, read or see more about. We are passionate about flowers, I hope you too.



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